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Serving Growers Nationwide Minimize

Young Plants At Their Best

Wagner Greenhouses serves greenhouses across the country, supplying high quality young plants from which exceptional finished crops are grown. Young plants from Wagner's exhibit the traits most highly valued by growers: actively growing roots, compact foliage and rapid establishment. For detailed program information and variety listings, please view our programs. For at once needs, please reference our Availability. Our dedicated broker partners, along with their knowledgeable sales staffs, work closely with us to ensure that you receive the products best suited to your needs. Please place orders through your favorite broker to ensure that you realize the benefits of these partnerships and receive the best service possible.

Serving Local Independent Garden Centers & Retailers Minimize

Finished Annuals for Retailers

Wagner’s is now offering a retail annuals program for independent garden centers and other garden retailers in the greater Twin Cities area. We are offering a wide variety of annuals to meet the needs of your customers. Visit the Retail Ready page to learn more.

Serving Local Landscapers Minimize

Finished Plants for Landscapers

Wagner Greenhouses is now offering a custom-grown annuals program for Twin Cities area landscapers, gardeners and grounds maintenance companies.  Help your spring or fall planting season get off to a great start with our 4 convenient sizes: 80 mm elle pots, a 50 cell tray, a 36 cell tray, or a 6" round pot.  Plan ahead, save time & money, and get the plants that you need with Wagner's Spring Landscaping Program.
Serving Local Organizations Minimize

Plant Fundraisers

At Wagner's, we like nurturing plants and our community.  Through our fundraising programs, Wagner's offers unique fundraising opportunities for community organizations.  By providing quality plants, garden insight, and supreme value, Wagner's can help organizations like yourself raise substantial funds. Visit our fundraising programs page to learn more.

Serving Local Garden Center Customers Minimize

Wagner's Garden Center

Twin Cities metro-area gardeners and plant lovers directly benefit from our young plant expertise, since we have the plants under our care from the moment the seed is sown or the cutting is stuck! Visit one of our garden centers in Minneapolis, Bloomington or Hugo and see how we combine our dedication to growing spectacular plants & our close relationship with flower breeders worldwide to bring exciting and innovative plants and ideas to your garden. Be sure to visit our garden center website, contact us at 612-922-6901, or keep up with us on Facebook.